What rights do I have?

I was giving it some thought while sitting on the toilet. There's an idea that is starting to really get to me. It's how the whole world and the rules and laws of the world are inline with the rules and laws of my God. See, let's say I am so with the nature and society and feeling the chi and energy of the roads and surroundings.. Then I will know that that "STOP" sign is actually a yield sign. Like I'm at the point where I'm starting to ignore the rules and laws of society and I'm starting to believe in the higher law. The law of righteousness, goodness, happiness, caring, love. LOVE.

If you have love and lots of it, you feel the flow of energy around you, this lets you step between God and the people's law. Now you're just following God's law.

It's about faith.

I wish I could illustrate this better but hmm...

Okay, everyone would agree that there is a direction of "Good" out there that needs to be put in the spotlight.... That's exactly why there are laws. Laws are suggestions of what is good and right and wrong.

But are they good enough? Are they precise enough? Because at a certain point laws are these rigid things that do not adapt and adjust and God's laws are actually flexible.. in the moment, changes with evolution and growth, its like both stable and flexible at the same time.. its beautiful.

So today I've decided to step above the law of the world and closer to the law of God. I realize that I've heard this in movies, "The law doesn't apply to me, yada yada yada," but in reality I'm not going for selfishness. I'm going for "fittance" (like fitting). If people embraced the higher law of love and goodness, we wouldn't need laws like the ones society brings us, which is why I am taking the next step. I listen to the law of love.

Problem. If I follow the law of love, will I be met with hate? My love must be so intoxicating that it causes others to revelate in love too. Simply, as I go by my day I will meet people who are paid to defend the law (cops), people who act like cops but aren't (wannabe cops), people who go on with their day (peaceful people), and people who are selfish (want their own law). In order to avoid confrontation I will pretty much need to meet those who are the latter, but that "pretty much need" is simply too black and white. See, if I happen to get seen/meet cops who are questioning the very same questions as I am about what is right.. is the law right, etc. then bring it on, I'd love to meet those people, but one who will write a ticket?.. no I don't want tickets.

Another cop might argue that laws are in place to prevent reckless driving. Well that would mean that I'm a child and I can't be treated like an adult, acting maturely on my own without some "guidance." I already know what it is to drive recklessly or not, so the law of preventing reckless driving is not applicable to me. The biggest issue is that this post is SO controversial, but to God and me it makes much sense. I need to elevate myself past the laws of these controlling humans because they're limiting my potential.
And by the way these laws don't apply to everyone, because the very cops themselves can break them... See the unfairness?

So some cops get to break the laws they defend.. sounds hypocritical but I guess to defend them you have to speed like.. a lot. Or for rich people, money is a tool of bribery. Whatever it is, you'll see that the law in itself cannot will not apply to everyone simultaneously.. But whose law is above all? God's. So if you follow God's law, then all the laws won't apply to you. They're mere suggestions.

So yes, I'll start to embrace God's law. I wish to be efficient, caring, and loving. I'm trying to make my way through life with flow.

Let's get into this very deeply now.

God, show me what it means to be closer to you. I think that being closer to you means that I know more about what is around me. That my awareness will be more. I love you and I love the people around me. I wish to make the world a better world for the world, and in order to do this I need to circumvent around some if not, all the laws, but I will always follow yours. Please guide me with your law, which I seem to constantly revelate as love. Pure love. I have love for the people on this planet and I just want people to get along, to love each other more and more and look towards similarities as peace measures as opposed to differences for war. Heck, lets see differences as creative juices, but also peace measures.

I'm sorry for the sins I've committed, but I don't understand them very well to stop. I want to, but then I think I'm lazy, which I am, but how do I rid of this laziness? I don't know... I've tried a lot to get rid of it, but I feel like relaxation is this thing that I should practice because it is healthy, and that leads to laziness.. I need to find a balance but where is that balance?

Okay so back to the law. Already multiple times I have brought and prepared things when they were unnecessary. Had I known about the future I wouldn't have to worry about it. The thing is, is that I am starting to peer into the future, and it actually isn't the future, it is just decisions of the present. If someone's current soul or a group of souls are inline to become overburdened and overwhelmed to not be able to do something like a CIF gear inspection for every. single. person. or do a serial number check on gas masks, then that is a present moment decision. It's just that tomorrow I will find the chemical reaction. It's like knowing that water and sodium will cause a severe chemical reaction before the reaction is done. I already know this, and I stand by for the person doing what he said he would do...

I need to REALLY really feel the trends. Feel the energy and trust it.
But I am scared of being shouted out, being told I am unreliable. How can I never get this to happen to me?

I've been told this already so many times before.. in some way, for example, seriously undervalued pros and cons. So now I don't need that anymore, learning is no longer occuring? I just feel miserable. So I want. to feel. correct trends. and make logical decisions from them.

The problem with the Marine Corps is that we are treated like children, and everyone seems to be okay with it. Well, I'm not.

That movie Limitless, taught me an interesting concept. To be so proven internally about what I'm thinking is correct that I build confidence. The issue is showing off and bribery. I cannot, will not be that. I must just flow with confidence. I must understand what confidence is and I must grow that.

Let's say I get pulled over by a cop. I've read his queues and now I know a lot about him, why can't I use that against him for my freedom?... Like Sherlock, I could use all the hints about someone logically. Is it a quick train of thought?

What to do..

It can't be that hard. Just feel the people, know them, feel them, and now you shall be accurate with your break down of what you feel and what is possible. You'll read them and explain them when their growth is possible, otherwise you'll not explain it for your sake, (and also for your growth). Take SSgt Adams, cold, unrealistic, unstable, threatening, and overall scared of the world. Scared because he puts up a front (a lot of people put up a front), now examples..... when finding the... reason... how do I find the reason. like why is he cold, unrealistic.. what can I say is the reason for it? Well just get simple. why would someone become cold. Feel that reason? how does someone get cold like that? maybe thats not a good word. what about unrealistic? his friends come to mind.. is that always the reason? unrealistic because when you're not smart exaggeration is all you have to make your few good ones more that what they're worth to compensate for the dumbness.. and why are people dumb? Lack of love. Wow, love is really a catalyst for intelligence. I now know that my parents love for me is one of the reasons why I love so much and why I'm smart.