when the greedy plot the weak against each other..

It's the situation I've just come to realize. The recent story about a comcast employee harassing a customer to stay for over 20 minutes was looked into and it turns out that that employee was following guidelines in order to keep his commission. The moral of this story is that the rich have their paid workers overlook their feelings of compassion and empathy for their own monetary benefit. This is in every way the greatest scum of my earth. Greedy people teaching others to be greedy in order to get more money. What essentially happens is they cause people in a lower income bracket to fight among themselves, instead of looking at the real problem.

Anyone who teaches or leads you to lose your ability to feel others has a bigger problem than you. If we focus on our personal individual gain, then we shall head towards extinction. If we focus on our collective group gain, we shall head towards the stars.

The fine line which was ignored was the man harassing the customer not feeling that the customer was growing agitated, sad and angry, because his training/brainwashing taught him to push on because his commission was on the line.

Clearly the people training customer support have a problem, but my guess is someone told those people to create this training regiment in order to have higher revenues/satisfy stock holders, and those people are clearly trying to please a select few with money without any concern that they're creating friction and lack of empathy at a lower level.

Somehow, they're well protected, but I'm at the breaking point of realizing who these people are, how they operate, and how damn ignorant and selfish they act, and if the world is to become a better place, these people will have to subjected to some serious education.