why do dp exist?

so I was thinking about it and I was wondering, why do dual penetrations exist? why does a person feel the need to have two penises inside them is a question I can't seem to really understand enough to even try an/d answer.

and even if its the person who gets it, what about the person who gives it? how does that person feel being part of a 2 person team, giving their virility to who wants not 1 but double of it?

Does that make, the person giving it, 1 half of the whole?

Does that make him less of a man?

or does it make the woman double of a whore?

It's either, but usually its the latter, but actually it's both, its just a question of who recognizes it, and the men usually shout louder so you can see why society is used to hearing one side more than the other, but the former still happens just as much but quieter. so pretty much its both. no or. it was there to throw you off into a path of choosing. such as:

usually when posed with an "or" question, the common civilian has been trained to look down the path of each just a bit and then decide, ultimately, and never turn back.. but when posed with an "and" question, the person knows that both is an option and lazily decides to pursue neither for investigative purposes...

so by posing it as an or, you looked a bit further, and then I was able to show examples of such, and then leave you at it..

the problems of society,

where you fit in it.

how can you fix it?

everyone's gotta do it.

so at least work individually, right?

but don't be a slave

think creatively

everyone has the gift

or will be given it.

if asked for.

not me

but to you.



How the crabs see the moon at night.

Face it. right now you're a crab. you just got out of the water, its dark, its night, and you look up and what do you see?


Yayyy! All the crabs are cheering. the moon! the moon! we see the moon!

Let us stare at it motionless till we see which direction it moves..


Yayyy! the moon is going that way! lets get back in the water!!