i wanna write about a method of understanding water and ascending.

Lets say that god wants us to get together

and that when we get together he likes it so and makes our collective wish become true.

so lets say that collectively we think that we are all good people,

Then God would make good repercussions from those thoughts.

So lets think about the viscosity of water.

We can imagine it splashing around and spraying or sloshing around.

It's a certain viscosity.

Now imagine honey,, very slow not very moving

Although, if the volume of honey increased to exponential amounts and so was the splashing around would it splash around just as much as the water?

It depends because honey has this "stickyness" to it, kinda like a locked grid, keeping it together tightly. But how much mass on one end moving against it or intertia wise would be fast/hard above the "stickyness strength" to break apart? Now that a contrast has been created, lets go back to water.

Lets say that if as a whole we wished for the viscosity of the water to decrease, meaning even more "splashy" or inherent, like even less dense? so it can accelerate faster (less mass to begin moving).. what would that do for us?

We would move MUCH MUCH faster.

Because we are made out of water.

But right now we cant move as fast because water has a set "limit" to density and etc.

But lets say you made water lighter.. could you then become faster?

Yes you can.

You can actually have lighter water than other water.

Start a conversion process in your body for faster quicker water, and you'll be able to move faster. Even your thoughts as well...

Highly recommended that you meditate on "every cell should be friends with every cell" because doing so means you support multi-cellular communication, allowing for things like a hyper immune system and... (I can't seem to come up with anything else)..

but I did

but I don't know if I should say it...

But then I realized something.

Water is supposed to move faster

we just have been okay with it moving slower, thus everything about us is moving slower.

But lets say in order to transcend from this world "into atlantis" we need to believe that the viscosity of water can be decreased, because "if you believe, you can achieve," is the lesson at hand here.

I think that is what separates us from those who dont and those who do want to move into the next dimension.

That was a literal mess coming out of my brain.

The viscosity of realizing thoughts and acting upon them in a neat fashion is still high. I need that "quickness" and correctness...

correctness has nothing to do with viscosity.

That would mean that gravity is not consistent because there is a differential direction. Meaning there is something other than "slowness" that is effecting smoothness.

For a good chunk of my life I've been trying to achieve precision. Precision in thinking. Precision in feeling. However there seems to be this "stupid" norm. of impossibility.

Fix that.

Why can't I be precise?

I will be precise.