2 more discrepencies society must fix

The first is when nonparty delegates (verb) rules to those in a party.

For example a nonchristian telling a christian "that's not christian."

For a group to label itself (which is acceptable if its for a good cause), it must meet certain requirements. If someone or somegroup who is not labeled as such, attempts to use those external requirements (external to those who aren't in the group) as a means to argue their point, its usually for their gain.

The kicker is, how is that person or group ever eligible for getting what he/she/they wants if that person is literally out of the requirements for that group?

This is a situation of trickery. This process ISN'T one for one. In a way its almost considered "stealing." Because you "steal" their pride. Don't do this sort of behavior in society, unless its for a good cause. i.g. christian wants to become more christian and is looking for nonchristian opinion.. in this example it would actual serve as "advantageous" to the christian.

reward for simple memory retrieval.

lets say person A has a birthday and person B finds out about this birthday through talking to person A. to then wish happy birthday isn't actually garnered in effort, for it was a simple knee-jerk reaction. Yet people tend to show over-gratitude for this. If someone actually remembers your birthday and wishes you a happy birthday, there is undoubtedly more effort which has gone into the process as opposed to telling them and receiving it on the spot.

A simple memory retrieval is fundamentally important to begin the roots of memorization, however the intent is to start developing longer and longer term memory. If you're reading this right now you should already be past this.