The level of insanity I'm witnessing right now is absolutely beyond anything I've ever anticipated. But what will have to happen to equalize all that is so predictable.
First, there is a distinct laziness of wanting NOT to explain myself, because there is a supposedly strong possibility that no one will care to read it nor will this material have any surefire effect on the way people will live out their lives.
The first is the complete and utterly embarrassing overlooking of trash. There are people among all of us who simply do not care where their unwanted stuff goes. To them it is as simple as throwing it out into the air or putting it all in one bin/drain regardless of the label on the bin/drain. This sort of stupidity is the global march to global extincting because unorganized trash is trash ready to enter the great ocean thanks to hurricanes (aka blender).
An ocean filled with trash is like an un-breathable atmosphere. What looks like food is actually death to ocean wildlife. And we're supposed to be the intelligent species. If the intelligent species cannot organize where their trash goes then they do not deserve to keep that label or they deserve to be turned into a species that by default does not have any possibility for intelligence.
There's actually 2 versions of intelligence. There's the version where intelligence creates things that serve no purpose to the overall health of the environment and the version where it fits beautifully into the environment. Humans are becoming to have more of the former.
It's so sad to see a series of events take place in order to hide the direction of mass-extinction the evil greedy are heading us towards. Like eliminating net neutrality in order to manipulate the news channels called the "internet" because the right news cannot reach the people if its being slowed down or some distraction is getting priority over it. It's hard to believe that the Gilet Jaunes in France are getting minimal coverage in the US. You can thank abolishment of net neutrality for that.
I think the biggest pending equalization that is surely to happen is how there is a momentum in the need of oil being put onto tankers where most of those profits go to public stock owners who are too far or discouraged to reinvest into greener practices. Pretty much they don't care that oil companies are effectively earth vampires and they don't want to even consider the fact that such oil companies can become green-energy companies. It's like not in the playbook. They are THE rapists of the earth.
They'd laugh if I told them, "Shell and BP need to ween off oil." They would be like "and then what kind of company would Shell and BP be?" This illustrates that there are earth rapists/vampires on the earth with no expiration date of their raping/sucking of earth. And I'm seeing that the best course of action is to simply to fill their lungs with fluid. Like drowning without being in the water. Because they don't care that they spilt earth's blood in the water or burned it into the air. increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and changing the living conditions of corals and thus ocean life.
You probably have a form of water cooling in your computer. There has been a newer version of water-cooling that uses what is called a vapor chamber. Earth's ocean is effectively a vapor chamber. Now with the atmosphere getting hotter and the diminishing amounts of oil within the crust, you can expect more volcanos and more earthquakes and they will both compound each other. It is a fact that there is a molten core within our earth, but we seem to ignore that if we made that core a little hotter, there will be expansion thus forcing dormant volcano to re-erupt. For a little while the oceans have been able to absorb a lot of the earth's increasing heat, but its increased to the point where the coral reefs have been destroyed which is a sign of extreme. With the water getting hotter, the core will get hotter and expansion is imminent. The case with less oil in the ground is even more apparent with the fact that most cars cannot run without a healthy dose of lubricant oil between it's gears, pistons, etc. With less oil in the ground there will be more crust on crust contact therefore leading to more earthquakes and therefore more volcanoes. This is straight up logic.
If oil/gas exploitation occurs Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the pressure in the north will change thus release "the big one" in the Cascadia subduction zone. If you live in Vancouver Island, Oregon, Washington, and Northern California, you could be at risk for a mega earthquake, especially if after the vampires start sucking out the oil/gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.