Today I saw one of the most beautiful and ugly things ever.

As I left my apartment to go shopping I decided to turn around and grab the last bit of french-made crepes which I believed were borderline to spoiled in order to feed the birds. I journeyed my way down to Chipotle where I would have a burrito before commencing the trio of supermarket shopping, and right before I turned Chipotle's corner I decided to throw some peices of the left-over crepes next to a tree. I entered Chipotle, ordered my burrito and behind the glass, sat down adjacent to the where I threw the food down. One forth of the burrito in I saw a pigeon cross the street. I was hoping that it would see the food but it kept on crossing and disappeared out of my visionary range. I kept sending out to the universe that there was a bunch of food for consumption available.. As I got to half of my burrito, a tiny female sparrow flew in.
Her enthusiasm was rushed. She was eating the pieces so quickly as if it were the first meal of the day, however there were no other birds competing for the food. It was just her. She ate and ate, jumping from one piece to another, then hiding behind the safety of the low tree-fence when dogs headed and leaving the Veterinarian were close. I kept whispering to her, from the heart, to slow down a bit, else she might get a stomach-ache. Eventually she started to slow down. She looked a bit fuller. Not as tiny as when she first arrived. When I thought she was done, she flew up to the bars and then spotted a small puddle in the street where she flew back down to have a drink. Two sips. Obviously to help with digestion. And shortly she was back across to have a second serving. This time, she took her time, and instead of swinging the large pieces she became more precise with her beak and broke it off from where she bit. I was still in awe with how quickly she noticed there was a water supply nearby. My guess is that she noticed the brightness of the sky in the reflection.
After a second serving she went back to the puddle to have a couple more sips and she flew up into a nearby tree. Just before I left I noticed 2 pigeons flying to the bunch of food and some more sparrows following. The kind of rush when a few birds find a food source and others rush in on the action. With a smile on my face I went to throw my trash out, and the uglyness set in. As I picked what pieces of trash to go where (aluminum and receipt in recycling) (bowls and utensils in the "landfill" trash), one worker came by and threw all of his trash in the recylcing. As he left the restaurant and I followed after I started to mutter the truth with rising volume. "Lazy, doesn't care about recycling, should be ashamed, ignorant.. etc" He eventually began to take his headphones off to understand what I was saying. I told him "put your trash in the right bin, not the recycling bin," and he said "okay," but kept walking away from the restaurant. That's when I stopped and said "No! then you turn around and take your bowl out of the bin and put it in the other bin." He said "Thank you," but I continued walking, telling him to thank the air for breathing and God for life.


society needs to change their opinion on judgment

judge for good.
judge for bad.
the former is allowed,
the latter is not.
why both be not allowed?


yet another thing society needs to change

There's something we teach kids from an early age on and it is to learn with each other, the problem is the rewarding system for such behavior cannot be verbatim from child to child. The result might be a child who piggybacks on others expecting to do more help but really causing more harm.

Statements, expressions, anything for that matter are like windows of energy. Society has fallen/been broken to the point where people deny these "energies" and thus they could possibly prematurely cut these windows.

Sometimes (and actually this should be more often if we expect mankind to evolve) to properly express an idea we need to explain both the negative and the positive. The issue that sometimes arises is the cutoff time. Because it is important to end on a good note, to effectively counter a negative note, a larger frame recognition of the negative note is needed, say like explaining "the bad news," and "not holding back." The problem, which is now in the past because you are reading this, was not having enough patience to hear the full beat of the negativity before it is countered with the even-better beat of positivity.

From here on out, hope, which is a positivity-direction inducing generator, is necessary to prevent continual negative beats.

Like, once you learn, why would you go back to the less-evolved ways? Notice how hope is a optimistic designator.

Evil is part of greed. Greed is a chaotic selfish energy which slaves intelligence. Love can never arise out of greed because the logical function of greed will be to consume itself. This is why evil uses greed. In fact both evil and greed are synonymous with each other.

Love is compassion, growth and evolution. It has respect to its past and future; its where it builds and grows but doesn't consume towards death.

So to recap back to the main point.

There are good people who have had their patience cut, who are very near a powerful band of energy manipulators who actually create great downfalls of energy rather that positivity because of said diminished patience.

If you put love, compassion, care as a primary endeavor, then whatever impatience that might befold upon you will be saved/overlooked because of this, in fact it might have been destined to be this way.

If we are to obtain world peace we must identify two variables: extreme and selfishness.
Selfishness isn't bad at a low amount, for it is quite harmless at personal levels; like taking a breath.
Extreme isn't a bad at when appropriately directed, It what makes glohal changes possible.
The issue is when these two variables find a host to grow in, thus resulting in the manifestation of greed.

We're literally destroying the world because of extreme selfishness.
Don't heavily blame the gasoline drivers, steak eaters, etc. blame those who lead the industries.

quite often you find that they are greedy,
hoarding a lot of money and luxuries.
aka the 10s

others you'll find take advantage of the throwmedowns from the greedy and are willing to put their physical life on the line. These are those who carry a weapon and uphold the laws or participate in war.
aka the 9s

Ladies and Gentlemen,
beware of the 10s and 9s


What society needs to change

lets say you and me are asking and answering questions back and forth.
lets say you ask me what I like
and I answer and then say "you?"
that means the same question applies to you
I discovered that the more succinct the question, the more genuine the answer-er needs to interpret the question. Here is where the element of their values become obvious.
If the individual has poor empathy, the opposite becomes rich: narcissism.
The more empathetic the answer-er, the more mirrored the question is answered in relation to your answer. Otherwise the difference is a narcissistic interpretation of the question.
If the answer-er gives you a question instead of an answer, how and what causes insecurity is also revealed.


2 more discrepencies society must fix

The first is when nonparty delegates (verb) rules to those in a party.

For example a nonchristian telling a christian "that's not christian."

For a group to label itself (which is acceptable if its for a good cause), it must meet certain requirements. If someone or somegroup who is not labeled as such, attempts to use those external requirements (external to those who aren't in the group) as a means to argue their point, its usually for their gain.

The kicker is, how is that person or group ever eligible for getting what he/she/they wants if that person is literally out of the requirements for that group?

This is a situation of trickery. This process ISN'T one for one. In a way its almost considered "stealing." Because you "steal" their pride. Don't do this sort of behavior in society, unless its for a good cause. i.g. christian wants to become more christian and is looking for nonchristian opinion.. in this example it would actual serve as "advantageous" to the christian.

reward for simple memory retrieval.

lets say person A has a birthday and person B finds out about this birthday through talking to person A. to then wish happy birthday isn't actually garnered in effort, for it was a simple knee-jerk reaction. Yet people tend to show over-gratitude for this. If someone actually remembers your birthday and wishes you a happy birthday, there is undoubtedly more effort which has gone into the process as opposed to telling them and receiving it on the spot.

A simple memory retrieval is fundamentally important to begin the roots of memorization, however the intent is to start developing longer and longer term memory. If you're reading this right now you should already be past this.



Everyday I'm trying to come up with something new

to fix up the world. Because that should be the goal, yet everybody seems to have this selfish alternative?

We're literally killing the planet, yet science wants to come up with this selfish answer that the planet can't kill itself and will save itself.


Such stupid ideas thoughts, whatever you want to call it, implanted into the minds of children..

Speaking of which, here's another one, That the heart cannot have a voice of its own, only the brain.

Now we're past playing with fire, we've begun to kill ourselves.

Take the very fact of the heart having a beat and velocity. The word "velocity" to a non-DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) user would mean speed, but to a DAW-user it actually means strength of the note. In fact, when producing songs on the computer, the electronic piano keyboard sends its notes' pitch and velocity in order to show how hard the note was hit.

So, our hearts have a beat and velocity.

But not just a constant beat. A dynamic beat. It's not hard-coded to be just one rythmn. It needs to adjust to needs and.. get this.. endeavors.

Because if you say your heart beats faster when you run, how bout you start beating your heart faster right before you run.

Why be behind your heart, when your heart can live more in the present.

love always


Two things we should fix for the future: flipping the 9s and proofing the double negatives.

I'll start with the--Flipping the 9s

Throughout history our biggest threat has been those who hoard wealth. They create an unnatural atmosphere to the general population. In essence, living peacefully isn't possible because there is a vacuum effect of greed which causes disruption towards the rest of the chain.
The kicker about these hoarding ones is they always get help. I call them the 9s.
I call them the 9s because 8 is as far as one needs to go, its representative of infinity. Someone comes by and doesn't just want one digit. They want two. thus they label themselves as the 10.
the 9 and the 10 always own the majority of the wealth. The 9 places itself strategically between the master hoarder and the rest of the infinite souls and community. The 9 is that bridge in which the 10 gets its excess. The 9 is always talking with the 8s and below, finding new ways to motivate them in exchange for an unfair piece. It's always been the 9s who upheld the laws which were never in the majority's favor. People who were brainwashed to believing the 10s are their saviors. Willing to martyr for those who constantly take an unfair piece of the pie.

example of a shiny 9

I don't care what you say, or what you think otherwise: If a man has 30 cars whilst one struggles to keep just one, the owner of the 30 is wrong.

Or perhaps, as an asshole would say, the owner of the 30 cars just has a lesser bubble of responsibility care.
Well who is telling that guy to increase the bubble? The 9.
The 9 is going to get the 10 another car. And yet still lowly-paid mechanics designing said car are actually driving cheaper competitor cars. I wonder why..??

An excess of wealth is bad.

This is what I mean about flipping the 9s. There are people out there who ride the curtails of the mega-rich and are looking for an opportunity to be a humanitarian*/philanthropist to all those under them... Pretty much theres a 9 who wants to be an 8. Wants to be part of the majority collective. To participate with the children of the universe rather than stand on a mountain with the devil.

*I feel like if I used the word "human" instead, the meaning wouldn't get across as smoothly. Don't think so? Please comment..

Proofing the Double Negatives

I've started to notice that there are moments where we let the logic of math become irrelevant to discussion.
One of them are double negatives.
People get a kick if a person talks with multiple negatives compounding yet intelligently manifested to make an advance thought sense.
But what about using it to capture evil?
Let's say a situation where negativity is compounded, or not negativity as in SAD or BAD but more like negativity in terms of the OPPOSITE.
What is the opposite isn't necessarily bad.. right?
This is a complex idea that needs to be defined because if it isn't, evil uses it for its solo performance and advantage.

Take the word" advantage" just above.
It would only be "an advantage" for evil, but a disadvantage for those good.
So what I do is I change an "evil idea" into a "a good idea" by hijacking their "excuse" and turning it into a MY better version. So I would say "This is a complex idea that needs to be defined because if it isn't, evil uses it for its solo performance and disadvantage."

By infiltrating the "excuse" statement with a wrongly angled word (such as an opposite, or a negative version, or the version that you perceive from your side--hopefully better--), evil turns good from the inside out.

Pretty much it's like making a black hole make its own oppositely induced blackhole with itself in an effort to cancel out the entire problem to begin with.

"Proofing the double negatives" doesn't actually apply to this method specifically though.
It applies to how a double negative needs to be properly identified. Every. Time.

Because if we support some as correct (even thought they shouldn't be) for example: "I didn't steal nothing." is possibly regarded as a poorly-educated-minded answer.

But if you think about it, that statement can also be.. That they could've still stolen something.

There's something I've been trying to confiscate from the devil and its where it no longer has a free-standing polarity-inducing node.

If you can flip the polarity of something without consequences..
it better be for good..

If the soul is infinite, there cannot be evil in there.

In other words, Shake the devil off.

Use double negatives intelligently, because then one can stretch an idea further and even use that method against evil to fix an incorrect mentality. So by being able to "proof" your double (or even triple or quad--i think you get the idea) negatives you develop a strong psyche to fix the broken mentalities of the super greedy and gluttonous. Kinda like the super-persuasion of a jedi knight towards some weaker-minds storm troopers.

love always.