How people stay unhealed...but won't for any longer.

When someone tells you you are sick, that you are going downhill, in its verbal equivalence, that isn't a good direction.

If they try to persuade you that you will pay the punishment for bad consequences, the definition of punishment by their cause is of great importance.

Because I know a person who shifts punishment into only a good direction.

Imagine someone says they want to punish you. and imagine that you agree you deserve the punishment, at that point you are practically willing to accept any incoming pain and/or suffering.

But to a lover, you'll receive love instead.

That is the ultimate insult to those who take advantage of punishment to destroy.

That's why you must know their definition first.

And the definition first comes from initial feeling. What do you feel is in the word.

Thus how they say the word is the definition of the word.

And how how is determined is without a start or end, because time (in this case) is only a pair of sissors.. Cut too early and you might miss valuable information.

But I digress.

People stay unhealed because in all of its entirety, we do not deserve to be punished.

Yet we are, by accepting the consequences which would thus then lead to death sooner.

If a person believed he did not deserve the sickness, why would his body not fight it at that point. A fighter who believes fights better.

And anyone who says sickness is not reversible is as stuck of believing, needing proof like the pharisees, when the miracles are out there.

...retreats for cancer patients in far locations..

..a monkey starting up their fellow monkey's heart after being electrocuted by electric train lines...

..people who defeat cancer..

To really heal the body, you must believe completely. your mind must not go against itself. tell your mind to be one. My conflicting thoughts are slowly disappearing because I'm literally rearranging the thinking components of my thoughts to better reflect healing growing properties.

When the mind shifts downwards energy towards positive energy, healing can truly become.

And it isn't so hocus pocus, its actually very intelligibly. By believing... wait for it because the rhythm and pause of this idea/phrase is very important.. The upcoming parenthesis words are almost not said, but they're said to encourage/corporate a certain connection with the words placed on either side.

By believing,..................... (that) you deserve a good (better) life, the very belief creates a connection between understanding and deserving.

That connection then leads to knowledge (I can't say exactly what it will be like for you because your thoughts are unique to you and your "sickness" thoughts are as well (if they're present; I do apologize to those who do not have "sickness" thoughts, but that's the nature of the blog--universal audience so I suggest you treat it as such, so maybe I retract my apology now :^() Please remember PEMDAS.. yes, it can be applied towards ideas in context), knowledge which actually make sense. Like understanding the parts of a mechanical pencil, or how a tire without a tube stays on a rim. Once explained... (by yourself?) or learned, it makes sense. The SAME exact thing can happen to health and healing, if you understand how it works.

But the nature of your body compared to everyone else is we've been given burdens (not by God by the way) which are unique in nature (but not so unique in moral), thus your body will be different, and the "one-size-does-not-fit-all" scenario occurs. Healing occurs uniquely to the person, Jesus gave examples of such by the controversial means in which he caused said healings. Controversial because they just made sense in which the healing process occurred. And the person who was healed knows this, but everyone else simply gawked in lack of belief.

well then again, gawking is part of the belief process but the cookie crumbles when it is extended. This is how people are thrown off into another direction. They're taught to act surprised or gawk for a longer than necessary time which then leads to dumbing down, because when the memory function needs to be completed it cannot and it just sits there and fades into a distraction thus leading to stupidity. So my advice to you is gawk less, learn more. To learn more, just embrace enhancement of one's everything/body. Reformated-- To learn more, just embrace enhancement of your body.

Learning is a positive energy.

Learning is a positive-direction energy.

Learning is a good direction.

Learning is in a good direction.

Learn about sickness from your own perspective through belief and you can heal your sicknesses on your own.

I wish you the best!

"every cell should be friends with every cell"


whats a good world you envision for us?

intelligence. sharing, caring, growing. teamwork.


it doesn't matter that I called someone for their birthday. It just seems that it is more important to establish that a phone call can't be done at a certain hour. So here we have someone who defines that time is more important than the intention. An intention I say is good, but in her eyes she literally just treats it for a thanks.

People are literally being manipulated by time. Time is supposed to be a mutual deciding thing. To plan trips and the "busyies" around actual meeting up, but instead it has been used to leash and trap people into committing themselves into a higher power that isnt religious and all about money and control.

I'm taking a break from working, because I served 4 years and 7 months of it, and I've had multiple dates canceled. their reason? work. Work literally destroys the possibility of relationships.

People can't see this though, because memory has been PURPOSEFULLY lessened through countering acts forcefully taught through schools, so the ending result is you don't see the the control stages and repetition of your days.

people literally go to work on a daily basis for stupid shit. at least in the marine corps I would go to another country or do another exercise or maybe change units into a temporary duty elsewhere. Things would change up. instead, people are dealing with 2 weeks vacation for the whole year. wtf is up with that shit?

how have people lost their sense of direction? we're literally headed towards extinction and we blame ourselves because we NEED our cars to get to work, but the scary realization is that its those who pump oil out of the ground who REALLY are the ones to blame for you continuing to do so.

They have all the money, all the power, and all the ability to push for outcomes.

instead they're more concerned about profiting running out of oil in 50 years so then we can move on to greener energy.

Literally, most, if not, all, of the most profitable oil wells have been mapped so that when the cheaper ones empty out, price of gas will rise and the more "expensive-to-pump-oil-out-of" wells will then be opened up for business. After which people will be paying through the nose to get to work to get paid to pay off their car. And hence the true nature of the control we're subjected to.

What people don't realize is that oil is very important towards the earth. The earth literally needs oil under its ground in order to not be as shaky towards earthquakes. The crust is constantly moving, and oil is a lubricant layer... literally just like we have oil in our car around moving parts. and they want to completely get rid of it and put it into the air so that more ice can become water and ALL of water can more easily be contaminated.

do you see the bigger picture now? Do you see where this is headed?


The cure for herpies

is a mental one.

People with outer lip syndrome (thinking outwardly with the lips), are easy receptors for this virus to attach themselves to and create more of their benign virus spreaders.

The lips are an opening from one world to another. The world within to the world outside. but the lips are both a closed door and open door, it isn't made for talking, its made for not speaking too.

When the balance of the lips occurs, there are no more opportunities for the virus to hijack and recreate, therefore preventing spreading from once and for all.

Now, because it is a viral virus, it stores itself within the nucleus DNA which thereby preventing linkage is a manner of inner cell awareness, aka the cell aware of its own security. Once recognition that DNA isn't the original the cell can recreate its DNA to its originality and the person becomes herpies free.