Why does it stop at "human nature?"

Started my life on this earth, and pain and suffering came my way. Willed to end it for once and for all yet advice many people in my life gave me yielded no results. So I pursue even deeper into the matter. People are stuck on "human nature."

There's a disgusting ideology that we have "human natures we cannot change." This is pure baloney. In fact I would rather say that its one of the most used tools of people who do wrong: Blame it on something you can't change. That's a pretty decent scapegoat for evil people to fly under the radar.

But no more.

Every time something negative comes my way I find it's reason, its purpose, and almost always the reasons boil down to "reasons you can't change." Even most "natural disasters" are no longer natural, and are humanity's doing by their lack of conscience towards environment preservation.

With the mentality of "we cannot change human nature," such would eventually lead to human extinction. Sadly many human beings are okay with this ideology. Through persistent brainwashing through their lives they come to accept this horrid demise.

But I do not.

I do not because I am not an uncivilized human being. I seek human evolution; one which is more heartfelt than physical: One which embodies love.

Growing up, I fell to the influence of two-faced people. Plastic smiles overlaying evil, careless intentions. I've repented for my sins, and I'm at the point where I can confidently say I watch my morals and ethics with surgical precision.

Yet people still come at me with a stupid law that humanity cannot be changed. Fix those people. They're brainwashed lowlifes, who have lost their way in heart..

If we believe, we can achieve.

If you embrace a mentality of "human nature cannot be changed," you would also embrace superficiality, because acknowledgment of inner part you cannot change but is also evil means you only control a puny part of your existence. If this is the case you need to change right now.

Because if there is anything I hate the most, it is the willingness to let evil of any kind wash over you repeatedly.

Change yourself.

Because I am. Always. By the power of God, you can can become renewed. Discover your own God. A loving God. Through that all things become cleansed.

Superficial people are like mindless robots. They cannot understand depth of events, situations, ideas, etc because they constantly let an "uncontrollable" inner voice run the deeper parts of their psyche. And like a fresh volcano something deep creates new sediment on the surface.

Make a better inner volcano.

It's come to the point where often my actions are judged superficially and I am dealt with exaggerated recoil. Yet, just like the end of The Dark Knight, where viewers see the controversy yet necessity of the protagonist taking on the role of the antagonist, we need to learn how to see deeper into situations (via hope) so we don't be treated as stupidly as in the movie!

Yet people still fight.

Because of this absolutely stupid saying of "human nature cannot be changed."

I suggest you change your nature.

Because it can be done.

Because if you don't think it can, then you might as well fade into yesterday, for yesterday never lives, and now is of your most control.

Take control.

(I hope its good)