Choosing between spontaneity and planned

It's hard. Choosing between the two. But with the power of God I was able to build a bridge between the two.
You just have to be a spontaneous planner.
And the way to get good at that is to analyze planning so that it becomes second nature.
I heard that planning is a long process, but I disagree.
I whole-heatedly believe that planning can be a felt thing. That if you wish something, believe in something then the planning for it goes much smoother and quicker. Like, I believe in good. And I really try to make all my actions in "good" light. So even more reason for the plan to go accordingly.

I guess I'll give an example.

Lets say I wanna go snowboarding spontaneously. It would be best to have all the gear prepared ahead of time. I literally have a powder board, boots, clothes, goggles, face mask, even a waxing kit. Yes, like, if our boards are messed up, no biggie, I can remove the old wax, and apply fresh wax, that means I have a wax iron too.

But I digress.

That means we can go snowboarding right now.
Or maybe its just me.

So I try my best to be spontaneous. But I've noticed that being spontaneous means you gotta spend a lot of extra money. Like impromptu plane tickets.. and buying everything you need to do whatever on the spot without getting a better deal by searching longer..

Unless you know where to look..

So you just gotta be clever. in order to be a spontaneous planner.

but how does one be clever?

you gotta do things with a good direction. a good heart.

Because things fit better, events happen "luckier" if you do things with a good direction.
Because then even if you barely made it, you have even more reason to actually push for the outcome.

If you're deserving, and rightfully so, why should you be denied?

To agree that spontaneous denial is appropriate would be to agree there will always be a backstabber.

So I choose to do things good and right.
Because if things don't work out, (?)
I have even more reason to fight for it anyway.

So I hope you do good things too.