economy reconstruction.

That's how bad it is. pricing is going up for the cheap stuff because the rich companies who usually charge insane markup for their stuff have used their stock pile of cash as power to realign their investments. And Chinese stuff has had a huge effect because of the abundance. Their stuff either cheap or valued, they've already taken over American corporations (such as Amazon), there's a lot of fools gold and gold, and the rich companies like olafsen and gacci (purposely rehashed to avoid their word hit counters) know its the end for them so they've taken over of other cheaper companies in order to mark up pricing and protect their investments (for smaller profit margins). But there will always be better deals than greedy dealers, so keep looking, travel a bit farther for it, and your strength built from it will be their demise.
We're getting rid of greed for once and for all.

If we all work together we can stop the burn for once and for all.

The rich would like to sit on top of us. We cannot provide them a place for their fat ass anymore.

Realign their asses to the mud. It's not like we're so far away from it..

Or are we?

humbleness will save you.