Everyday I'm trying to come up with something new

to fix up the world. Because that should be the goal, yet everybody seems to have this selfish alternative?

We're literally killing the planet, yet science wants to come up with this selfish answer that the planet can't kill itself and will save itself.


Such stupid ideas thoughts, whatever you want to call it, implanted into the minds of children..

Speaking of which, here's another one, That the heart cannot have a voice of its own, only the brain.

Now we're past playing with fire, we've begun to kill ourselves.

Take the very fact of the heart having a beat and velocity. The word "velocity" to a non-DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) user would mean speed, but to a DAW-user it actually means strength of the note. In fact, when producing songs on the computer, the electronic piano keyboard sends its notes' pitch and velocity in order to show how hard the note was hit.

So, our hearts have a beat and velocity.

But not just a constant beat. A dynamic beat. It's not hard-coded to be just one rythmn. It needs to adjust to needs and.. get this.. endeavors.

Because if you say your heart beats faster when you run, how bout you start beating your heart faster right before you run.

Why be behind your heart, when your heart can live more in the present.

love always