yet another thing society needs to change

There's something we teach kids from an early age on and it is to learn with each other, the problem is the rewarding system for such behavior cannot be verbatim from child to child. The result might be a child who piggybacks on others expecting to do more help but really causing more harm.

Statements, expressions, anything for that matter are like windows of energy. Society has fallen/been broken to the point where people deny these "energies" and thus they could possibly prematurely cut these windows.

Sometimes (and actually this should be more often if we expect mankind to evolve) to properly express an idea we need to explain both the negative and the positive. The issue that sometimes arises is the cutoff time. Because it is important to end on a good note, to effectively counter a negative note, a larger frame recognition of the negative note is needed, say like explaining "the bad news," and "not holding back." The problem, which is now in the past because you are reading this, was not having enough patience to hear the full beat of the negativity before it is countered with the even-better beat of positivity.

From here on out, hope, which is a positivity-direction inducing generator, is necessary to prevent continual negative beats.

Like, once you learn, why would you go back to the less-evolved ways? Notice how hope is a optimistic designator.

Evil is part of greed. Greed is a chaotic selfish energy which slaves intelligence. Love can never arise out of greed because the logical function of greed will be to consume itself. This is why evil uses greed. In fact both evil and greed are synonymous with each other.

Love is compassion, growth and evolution. It has respect to its past and future; its where it builds and grows but doesn't consume towards death.

So to recap back to the main point.

There are good people who have had their patience cut, who are very near a powerful band of energy manipulators who actually create great downfalls of energy rather that positivity because of said diminished patience.

If you put love, compassion, care as a primary endeavor, then whatever impatience that might befold upon you will be saved/overlooked because of this, in fact it might have been destined to be this way.

If we are to obtain world peace we must identify two variables: extreme and selfishness.
Selfishness isn't bad at a low amount, for it is quite harmless at personal levels; like taking a breath.
Extreme isn't a bad at when appropriately directed, It what makes glohal changes possible.
The issue is when these two variables find a host to grow in, thus resulting in the manifestation of greed.

We're literally destroying the world because of extreme selfishness.
Don't heavily blame the gasoline drivers, steak eaters, etc. blame those who lead the industries.

quite often you find that they are greedy,
hoarding a lot of money and luxuries.
aka the 10s

others you'll find take advantage of the throwmedowns from the greedy and are willing to put their physical life on the line. These are those who carry a weapon and uphold the laws or participate in war.
aka the 9s

Ladies and Gentlemen,
beware of the 10s and 9s