It exists. Prove me wrong.

It exists:
A cult that works together to create endless dictatorship.
They infiltrated the education system to doctrinate / mandate the incorrect interpretation of the mind. This is taught as PSY 101 and all its variants.
Gleeful torture and manipulation of animals and humans serving as the basis for 1) how your mind should think 2) how they can interpret you 3) how they can selfishly benefit from you.
Defended by psychiatric drugs, forced by their lawyer-judge-doctor-pharmacy partnership.
The selfish benefits can come as money. but the victim is truly used or used up.
All to eventually collect their spirit/soul with the portals they have installed under or near their hospitals.


Can't get out of my head how much leeway and permission "evil" is getting

 When someone gives you advice that is not helpful; That's evil taking advantage of the slack of time to uphold any responsibility.

"That was your advice!" says person A to person B

"That was 2 years ago!" person B responding.

It boggles my mind that humanity has invisibly shed their remembrance of pausing and morality-defining.


and Morality-defining,

These 2 actions are crucial to keeping evil at bay and therefore eliminating it. But people say that because it isn't necessary "to live," its automatically regarded as lower grade and then lower priority. It ends up being done less than is optimal for world peace.

So lets go back to the two ideas and start with one. Pausing.

When you pause, you make yourself invisible. Or you become quiet as a plant. You halt a tempo and you effectively tune into your ears and reading senses to absorb the condition/situation. In this moment you are the most attentive lover/friend. Whatever is being said to you is absorbed in its entirety because you've made the conscious decision to halt your voice from tainting the reality that is in front of you.

But pausing isn't meant forever. After a spiritual trigger is invoked for processing and conducting response is the typical love-friend-community standard of good discourse.

A conversation cannot be one sided. It should be like a circle. Otherwise its not a conversation and don't let people lie to you. A good conversation is when the members of the conversation are speaking fairly, evenly. This is not boring. This is peace inducing, That's why it feels so quiet or creepy. The action of pausing and listening and taking turns in conversation makes for a suddenly outstandingly quiet peaceful conversation. If you stick around for this process it will begin to become enjoyable. The humors are loading..

When people of different cultures come together there, the very fact of different languages makes for different ordering of how ideas, sense of time, relationships, etc. are being communicated between each other. We cannot deny that we are comfortable with our cultures but learning about different cultures is also a beautiful thing. The act of striving to understand another person's happiness (or makings of their) should never be regarded as a thing we shouldn't have time for. It is the literal makings of peace. To pause, is to let the potential for peace exist.

Once you've listened enough, processing should have already been ongoing the topic at hand, whether its story telling, or negotiation / community issue solving. When we start to understand each other very well, we begin to find similarities in each other, and then it can get funny. We start to see each other as equals therefore other "less important" actions such as feeling happiness from some good humor become basically a necessity. We can laugh at ideas because we as a whole understand the humor can be well received. Trust me. Incorporate or indicate the necessity of pausing in your shared conversations and it will eventually lead to better processing and more empathetic, more fun and funny conversation.


Because different cultures are different by nature, we uphold different moralities and different priorities. This is inevitable by the nature of cultures. Basically. if you have different cultures, you will have different moralities and different priorities. Period. The two are synonymous with each other.

I will give you 2 examples of how cultures exhibit differences but then you can no longer play dumb about the differences in cultures.

Head covered or uncovered?

Why wear a hat? Why wear a covering?
Is it necessary topic on hand?
Are we talking about [difference], or are we talking about peace?

Glorify differences, and seek to build friendship on similarities and happiness. And most of all don't forget to. Change, if its universally fit, but don't be tricked. And make morality-building a common return around. We need to define among ourselves what we deem acceptable in our cultures but bring the most universal permissible kind when we interact with each other's cultures. We cant be so offended more in our selfishness than the goal or topics we need to discuss for each other today. whether you wear a hat or not isn't important. is it?

This is why Rocket (animated Raccoon in video above), drops into a soft meaningful stare, when he learns that Groot's opinion on hats is deeper that he originally realized. Is a hat part of you or not?

Another example is word definitions. The solution to this is to establish definitions (which is morality-defining).

Sometimes when we speak in a common language we forget that we hold different interpretations and meanings of the words we use. If a conversation is becoming hostile, perhaps its the misunderstanding of the words that are being used. The best thing to do in these scenarios is to laterally ask about how they define certain words. Sometimes it's a bunch of words, but its easier to settle with starting with one and going from there. When differences in definitions are clarified to the people in the conversation, it begins clear who wants peace and who wants war and conquering.

If someone gives you advice and doesn't care about/remember the advice they gave you after the fact, it is not good advice, because it wasn't even valued by the speaker.

Then you put a strike on their rap sheet, because some things are only proven with time so value those who value the things they say,

Please make the world a better place.


Infinite Truths

 For as much you allow individuality in others you shall gain knowledge of that many do not.

If you cancel out evil there is no fee.


Why racism is a problem today and probably will always be a problem unless we focus on something else.

Like focus on the smallest common denominator: 2. Gender. Because as long as we have all these different colors. we see different different different, there isn't much different than the color, so like. Focus on something else, like. what kind of man is he? What kind of woman is she? Isn't that a better question to answer from the racial standpoint? Like shouldn't a man be a good man? No matter the color? Shouldn't a woman be a good woman no matter the color?

At a certain point. It just makes more sense to see 1 as 1 and the other as the other, and eventually it becomes clear that its internally what matters.

We need peace between the genders.
On another note, 2020 marks the centennial American suffrage anniversary.


When I found out that "adjust" has negative connotation,

I was surprised. Surprised because "adjust" is what is going to get you somewhere better. When you "adjust" the variables so that now will lead into a better present.

Whats it mean? for a word to have a negative connotation?
It means that the word by itself might pre-determinedly fall into a specific side of ethics. Ethics such as "is it good or bad?"

The word "hate" has a negative connotation in its own regard.
The word "dislike" has a neutral connotation because the meaning utilizes absence by means of a flipping syllable; in this case, "dis" in "dislike."

adjust! is good!


If theres one thing corona quarantine taught me it is that

Holding your breath can be healing


Today I have never felt this much electromagnetic frequency distruption

I think its out of control. From the first day I remember being told that microwaves are harmful to your health (which is why you don't put your cat in the microwave), now it is apparent that we are living in a microwave. There are cellphone towers everywhere, constantly frying your brain at a low power. We know that the human brain is made up of electrical impulses. Now these electrical impulses are being threatened by external influences such as cellphone towers.
This will probably mean nothing to the masses, for most of them have already given up hope for psychic reading which is the act of reading another persons emitted radio waves (which come from thoughts). But now this is being threatened because the cell phone towers are emitting more different waves than ever before.
Its not like you're sticking your head in a microwave. Its like your head getting the effects of a microwave at a very low power CONSTANTLY.

Here is how its working. Your brain. your mind goes through 2 different main phases. Repetition of previously created neuron networks and making of new networks. When your mind is being bombarded by scrambling frequency waves, it is very difficult to create new neuron networks, so you're forced to fall back on old strong neuron networks. This is NOT good. This means that you'll have a hard time being creative and coming up with new ideas.
The worst is coming up with something that you think is new but really isn't.