Today I have never felt this much electromagnetic frequency distruption

I think its out of control. From the first day I remember being told that microwaves are harmful to your health (which is why you don't put your cat in the microwave), now it is apparent that we are living in a microwave. There are cellphone towers everywhere, constantly frying your brain at a low power. We know that the human brain is made up of electrical impulses. Now these electrical impulses are being threatened by external influences such as cellphone towers.
This will probably mean nothing to the masses, for most of them have already given up hope for psychic reading which is the act of reading another persons emitted radio waves (which come from thoughts). But now this is being threatened because the cell phone towers are emitting more different waves than ever before.
Its not like you're sticking your head in a microwave. Its like your head getting the effects of a microwave at a very low power CONSTANTLY.

Here is how its working. Your brain. your mind goes through 2 different main phases. Repetition of previously created neuron networks and making of new networks. When your mind is being bombarded by scrambling frequency waves, it is very difficult to create new neuron networks, so you're forced to fall back on old strong neuron networks. This is NOT good. This means that you'll have a hard time being creative and coming up with new ideas.
The worst is coming up with something that you think is new but really isn't.


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