Today I saw one of the most beautiful and ugly things ever.

As I left my apartment to go shopping I decided to turn around and grab the last bit of french-made crepes which I believed were borderline to spoiled in order to feed the birds. I journeyed my way down to Chipotle where I would have a burrito before commencing the trio of supermarket shopping, and right before I turned Chipotle's corner I decided to throw some peices of the left-over crepes next to a tree. I entered Chipotle, ordered my burrito and behind the glass, sat down adjacent to the where I threw the food down. One forth of the burrito in I saw a pigeon cross the street. I was hoping that it would see the food but it kept on crossing and disappeared out of my visionary range. I kept sending out to the universe that there was a bunch of food for consumption available.. As I got to half of my burrito, a tiny female sparrow flew in.
Her enthusiasm was rushed. She was eating the pieces so quickly as if it were the first meal of the day, however there were no other birds competing for the food. It was just her. She ate and ate, jumping from one piece to another, then hiding behind the safety of the low tree-fence when dogs headed and leaving the Veterinarian were close. I kept whispering to her, from the heart, to slow down a bit, else she might get a stomach-ache. Eventually she started to slow down. She looked a bit fuller. Not as tiny as when she first arrived. When I thought she was done, she flew up to the bars and then spotted a small puddle in the street where she flew back down to have a drink. Two sips. Obviously to help with digestion. And shortly she was back across to have a second serving. This time, she took her time, and instead of swinging the large pieces she became more precise with her beak and broke it off from where she bit. I was still in awe with how quickly she noticed there was a water supply nearby. My guess is that she noticed the brightness of the sky in the reflection.
After a second serving she went back to the puddle to have a couple more sips and she flew up into a nearby tree. Just before I left I noticed 2 pigeons flying to the bunch of food and some more sparrows following. The kind of rush when a few birds find a food source and others rush in on the action. With a smile on my face I went to throw my trash out, and the uglyness set in. As I picked what pieces of trash to go where (aluminum and receipt in recycling) (bowls and utensils in the "landfill" trash), one worker came by and threw all of his trash in the recylcing. As he left the restaurant and I followed after I started to mutter the truth with rising volume. "Lazy, doesn't care about recycling, should be ashamed, ignorant.. etc" He eventually began to take his headphones off to understand what I was saying. I told him "put your trash in the right bin, not the recycling bin," and he said "okay," but kept walking away from the restaurant. That's when I stopped and said "No! then you turn around and take your bowl out of the bin and put it in the other bin." He said "Thank you," but I continued walking, telling him to thank the air for breathing and God for life.


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