Two things we should fix for the future: flipping the 9s and proofing the double negatives.

I'll start with the--Flipping the 9s

Throughout history our biggest threat has been those who hoard wealth. They create an unnatural atmosphere to the general population. In essence, living peacefully isn't possible because there is a vacuum effect of greed which causes disruption towards the rest of the chain.
The kicker about these hoarding ones is they always get help. I call them the 9s.
I call them the 9s because 8 is as far as one needs to go, its representative of infinity. Someone comes by and doesn't just want one digit. They want two. thus they label themselves as the 10.
the 9 and the 10 always own the majority of the wealth. The 9 places itself strategically between the master hoarder and the rest of the infinite souls and community. The 9 is that bridge in which the 10 gets its excess. The 9 is always talking with the 8s and below, finding new ways to motivate them in exchange for an unfair piece. It's always been the 9s who upheld the laws which were never in the majority's favor. People who were brainwashed to believing the 10s are their saviors. Willing to martyr for those who constantly take an unfair piece of the pie.

example of a shiny 9

I don't care what you say, or what you think otherwise: If a man has 30 cars whilst one struggles to keep just one, the owner of the 30 is wrong.

Or perhaps, as an asshole would say, the owner of the 30 cars just has a lesser bubble of responsibility care.
Well who is telling that guy to increase the bubble? The 9.
The 9 is going to get the 10 another car. And yet still lowly-paid mechanics designing said car are actually driving cheaper competitor cars. I wonder why..??

An excess of wealth is bad.

This is what I mean about flipping the 9s. There are people out there who ride the curtails of the mega-rich and are looking for an opportunity to be a humanitarian*/philanthropist to all those under them... Pretty much theres a 9 who wants to be an 8. Wants to be part of the majority collective. To participate with the children of the universe rather than stand on a mountain with the devil.

*I feel like if I used the word "human" instead, the meaning wouldn't get across as smoothly. Don't think so? Please comment..

Proofing the Double Negatives

I've started to notice that there are moments where we let the logic of math become irrelevant to discussion.
One of them are double negatives.
People get a kick if a person talks with multiple negatives compounding yet intelligently manifested to make an advance thought sense.
But what about using it to capture evil?
Let's say a situation where negativity is compounded, or not negativity as in SAD or BAD but more like negativity in terms of the OPPOSITE.
What is the opposite isn't necessarily bad.. right?
This is a complex idea that needs to be defined because if it isn't, evil uses it for its solo performance and advantage.

Take the word" advantage" just above.
It would only be "an advantage" for evil, but a disadvantage for those good.
So what I do is I change an "evil idea" into a "a good idea" by hijacking their "excuse" and turning it into a MY better version. So I would say "This is a complex idea that needs to be defined because if it isn't, evil uses it for its solo performance and disadvantage."

By infiltrating the "excuse" statement with a wrongly angled word (such as an opposite, or a negative version, or the version that you perceive from your side--hopefully better--), evil turns good from the inside out.

Pretty much it's like making a black hole make its own oppositely induced blackhole with itself in an effort to cancel out the entire problem to begin with.

"Proofing the double negatives" doesn't actually apply to this method specifically though.
It applies to how a double negative needs to be properly identified. Every. Time.

Because if we support some as correct (even thought they shouldn't be) for example: "I didn't steal nothing." is possibly regarded as a poorly-educated-minded answer.

But if you think about it, that statement can also be.. That they could've still stolen something.

There's something I've been trying to confiscate from the devil and its where it no longer has a free-standing polarity-inducing node.

If you can flip the polarity of something without consequences..
it better be for good..

If the soul is infinite, there cannot be evil in there.

In other words, Shake the devil off.

Use double negatives intelligently, because then one can stretch an idea further and even use that method against evil to fix an incorrect mentality. So by being able to "proof" your double (or even triple or quad--i think you get the idea) negatives you develop a strong psyche to fix the broken mentalities of the super greedy and gluttonous. Kinda like the super-persuasion of a jedi knight towards some weaker-minds storm troopers.

love always.


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