why evil happens

first of all you can't say "these guys will pay for their evils."
because the american court system doesn't acknowledge the very word but the evidence acting towards the word.
therefore they say "these guys will pay for their crimes" instead.

so you can't say it?
and then what happens?
no wonder evils keep happening.
because we're forbidden to step over a current standard towards a better standard which is:

assuming that statements have a deeper intelligence and meaning to it so that everything doesn't have to be barney-styled explained.

To literally raise the american people's intelligence.

by not saying they're not intelligent.

or how about supporting their education?

just because you make something illegal doesn't make it bad.

but we're under hypnosis to think that it does.

I'm fixing my hypnosis, I'm getting out of it.

The only problem is a lot of people are stuck in it and its easy to get back in it because I care about these people and I want to connect with them.

I just don't like a situation where people think they own me, or they think they're better than me.

the way they get more than the average person.. why? who said so?

anyone who puts themselves above the other doesn't understand the importance of being part of a group.

They're the ones who will point their guns (police) at you.

its not about starting a riot.

its about eliminating the proding.

the reason for war is elitism.

the very scheme in which a higher "power" asserts their conclusions in order to continue the gap between the people, so that others will have less than needed, resulting in a pressure equalization of war.

so if people just collaborated more, and operated fairly with eachother, why and how would there be war?

you can't peace if you let the guy who screwed you, screw your friend too. Hesh is your friend. you both got screwed.

now there exists neither a word in the english language for both he and she, because the word "it" certainly doesn't apply.

because if you wish to speak of a human of either gender, you have to put a foreward slash or nominate the male version.

thats stupid.

no wonder there has been such animosity between genders.

our language separates and priorities the way we talk about eachother.

so I've come up with a couple replacement words..

Heshe, shee, shehe, shhee, hesh, or sheh
instead of he/she

himer, erhim, or herim
instead of him/her

and hiser,  or heris
instead of his/her

I'm hoping that male and female genders can literally vote for these choices, to add these three new dictionary words to neither indicate gender but simply human in proper English context which "demands" it.

I can picture women and men nationwide hand in hand voting on a word which neither separates them nor divides them.

what about the word mankind?

but then I hear a voice saying "its stupid," and now i know with all my heart that there is an evil which speaks decisions of pessimism, free reign to rule over the people, coupled by the fact of the wealth accumlated by unfairly superstancing themselves over "the lesser."

its not communism. its fairness.
lets start a movement of "fair" and assume that people are intelligent to undesrstand it.

i love you


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